Black Hornet Nano UAV Drones commercial

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I read the article named “Handheld Black Hornet Nano UAV Drones issued to U.K Soldiers” by Jonathan Fincher. It’s about British troops in Afghanistan being issued the black Hornet Nano Drone.The Black Hornet Nano UAV Drone is a palm-sized UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) that look around corners and places for danger, reconnaissance, surveillance, and search and rescue. The Black Hornet UAV was deployed to Afghanistan and given to British forces to see how it perfomed and if it would be released to service for U.K troops. The UAV uses a built in camera and measures 4×1 inches and weighs .6 ounces and can transmit video and images up to a mile and is seen in a handheld terminal.

I am trying to sell my product by using a testimonial. The testimonial is General Omar Bradley,he was a General in the 2nd World War. I chose General Bradley because he was second in command to General Dwight Eisenhower. He is a good example for troops because he was a very important person in history of warfare. It will make more countries buy the Black Nano UAV Drone and would be a good profit for Britain. It would give a good reputation to Great Britain.


Visualizing A Quotation,_Anzac-class_frigate_HMAS_Parramatta_(FFH_154)_and_Canadian_vessel_HMCS_Protecteur_(AOR_509)_pull_alongside_the_Australian_replenishment_vessel_HMAS_Success_(AOR_304)_while_conducting_R.jpg

I visualized a quotation on the World War II general,General George S.Patton and made it into my own creation. πŸ˜€

Scientific Discovery:Small Galaxies Reveal How The First Stars Were formed

The article is about how tiny galaxies show how the first stars were formed after the Big Bang.This discovery was made Β in the Lowell Observatory while observing small,irregular galaxies.It is an important discovery because scientists will be able to learn more about the beginning of the universe.My opinion about this discovery is that it will help us learn how the universe was formed.

Patrol in the Middle East

On April 26,2025 at 3:41 p.m in the Ghazni Province,Afghanistan,four M1a2 Abrams tank are in patrol securing a city.With help from an AC-130 Spectre,the tanks didnt encounter any hostile activity.The team encountered a weird silverish box shaped object.Captain Miller,the leader of the tank team, told the AC-130 that their was a weird object.”Serpent Seven-Six,Serpent Seven Six,Do you copy?”, said Corporal Adams.The AC-130 had disappeared instantly.Static was heard from the radio.The whole crew was worried what was going to happen to them.